Thursday, 27 June 2013

The hill top & a little pencil jamming!

The thought of getting up early in the morning scares me; but then, I decided to give it a try on one fine Sunday and joined an immensely talented group to a trip to the beautiful Nandi Hills in Bangalore. And trust me, it was worth the try. Missing those long hours of sleep on a lazy Sunday and instead, joining a group to a wonderful trip to the hill to capture the breathtaking views of nature in a canvas was not painful at all. Lot of mystery surrounds the name of the hill. Legend has it that Nandi Hills got its name from Yoga Nandeeshwara who had come here for mortification. Yoga Nandeeshwara also has a temple dedicated to him.

hued, Nandi Hills
Another very popular reason behind the name is the fact that the hill looks like a sleeping Nandi (bull), the vahana (which carries) of Lord Shiva. The place is equally interesting, just like the myriad legends behind its name. And we went there to enjoy nature and do some sketching. Believe it, what spectacular show of Mother Nature it was! The sun and rain playing hide & seek and the lush green meadows dancing with the wind!And those old walls of Nandidurga (fort) built by Tipu Sultan that served him as a summer home during the Ganga period completed the picture...Lovely it was!

hued, Nandi Hills

hued, Nandi Hills

Finally, I managed to divert my mind from the surrounding and pay some attention to my artbook...It's blank pages were looking at me for long while my heart was busy cherishing every bit of the view :P

hued, sanjukta


Thursday, 13 June 2013

The new painting

Yes, it's been a little late that I am posting and the reason being it took me some time to finish this painting. And then, there is whole lot of other works to do, especially when you stay away from the comfort of your home.

Sometime back, somebody send me a link of his blog that featured some interesting posts about Indian heritage and culture and this is where I first came to know about Shri Yamunaji. It is said that Shri Yamunaji is the Queen consort to Lord Krishna.

Yamunaji, hued

After reading the entire story about the origin of Yamunaji and saw the lots of pictures as well, I got so attracted to this interesting character that I finally decided to paint her. Read how interesting is the story behind the origin of one of the greatest rivers, Yamuna
And here it rendition.

Yamunaji, hued

Yamunaji, hued
Hope its a proper justice done. Feel free to write your reviews...

Stay blessed!