Friday, 10 August 2012

Welcome to 'hued'!

So, here I am, with my first blog post- I'm a little nervous (whether it will be appreciated or not), but a lot more excited (finally I'm doing it!). I have been contemplating on this for a long time; in double minds whether to share with you all, something I learnt to do since my A B C days and something I have been in love with, since God knows when- ART!

Finally, here is 'hued'- my colored world which will be the mirror of my thoughts in canvas and colors.

Thank you for stopping by and wish you happy reading!

Love, Sanjukta


The Tree

                                                       'The Tree'
                                                                Size: A4
                                                                   Medium: poster colors on handmade paper


  1. Great going Sanjukta. All the best..!!!

  2. Is the cover too designed by you?? I mean the one that says "hued" - bhishon bhalo laglo the intro itself... luking forward to more of your creativity. All the best! :)

    1. Yes Sanghamitra...the one that says 'hued' is also designed by me..:)